Monday, 1 July 2013

George Hutchins and Zan Bunn

So, previously George Hutchins complained about Zan Bunn.  Appears our little George is a little upset.

He posted this on his facebook page on April 17 2013.

The FAKE Republican RINO Slander of ZAN BUNN must CEASE with an apology, for her slander against the George Hutchins For U.S. Congress Campaign, which let to the Soviet-Communist style censorship of the George Hutchins For U.S. Congress Campaign: 2010 - 2012. If the FALSE SLANDER of ZAN BUNN does NOT CEASE, with a complete apology, there will be a high price to pay. == I will NOT run for U.S. Congress North Carolina 13th District because George Holding is there, who is the Right Man for the office, and who is a great JESSE HELMS Republican. == As for this ZAN BUNN, her FALSE SLANDER will NOT forgotten by the George Hutchins For U.S. Congress Campaign, and there is going to be high price to pay for the FALSE SLANDER which ZAN BUNN conducted against me personally during the 2010 Republican Primary for the 4th North Carolina U.S. Congress District, which led to Soviet Communist-Soviet Style BANNING-CENSORSHIP of the George Hutchins For U.S. Congress Campaign during the 2010 U.S. Congress Primary. ZAN BUNN should stick with the truth and STOP HER FALSE SLANDER !!!! 

Here is the link

Also, read the previous post where George whines about Ms. Bunn.

So who is Zan Bunn?  During Hutchins disastourous 2010 for the republican nomination Zan found out what kind of a nut case Hutchins was.  How he posted pics of Obama as a chimp and tons of other racist items.   Zan was the chairman of the GOP 4th North Carolina GOP district.  In her capacity as the elected chairman (something George failed at...getting elected....ever....unless maybe as homeroom monitor back in the 60s)  she published the following official Republican Party position on Herr Hutchins.
Zan Bunn

Fourth District GOP Executive Committee States Position on Candidate
George Hutchins

RALEIGH, N.C. – October 2, 2009 – The Fourth Congressional District Executive
Committee of the North Carolina Republican Party is stating its official position on
George Hutchins, who has filed paperwork to be a Republican candidate for the
Fourth District in the 2010 election.

“Our committee does not approve, endorse or support George Hutchins or his
views in any way,” said Zan Bunn, chair of the Fourth District Executive
Committee. “We do not condone his inflammatory statements and instead find
them extremely offensive. Mr. Hutchins does not represent the values of the
North Carolina Republican Party. Our committee urges him not to seek the
Republican nomination in the Fourth District.”

The members of the Fourth District GOP Executive Committee are dedicated to
electing a qualified Republican to the U.S. House of Representatives from Wake,
Durham, Orange, and Chatham counties.


Her is the link to her release.

Ms. Bunn was doing her job, keeping idiots like Hutchins from representing the GOP in the general election.  Ms Bunn has not apologized to George nor should she.  She doesn't have to.

Since 2010 Zan has gone on become chairman of the 13th district.  Again she was elected, something Hutchins cannot accomplish.

So, now we know why George is in tears over Zan Bunn.  She found out what he was like and took steps to make sure the Republican Party was not damaged by his racist views and image.  In short she did her job.

If George does actually file to run in 2014 this blog will be contacting Matthew Arnold, the chairman of the North Carolina 4th district GOP to let him know that nutcase racist neo nazi sympathiser George is running again and urging Mr. Arnold to take steps to stop Hutchins or, like in the past, ban him from events like all real republicans would want.

As well, this blog will contact Ms. Bunn in her capacity as the chairman of the 13th districts and ask her to contact Matthew Arnold and encourage Mr Arnold to carry on the excellent policies to limit Hutchins participation.  Real Republicans don't need or want harmful candidates like Hutchins harming the GOP at the polls.

We're on to you George!!!!!


  1. I watched George Hutchins speak at a Tea Party rally. I can't remember when it was. Anyway he seemed like an OK guy. I don't know if I would vote for him but he seemed like a regular person who was offering to help.

  2. Read his website, you'll change your tune.

  3. Maybe he's a plant by the Dems to make the GOP look worst.