Friday, 28 June 2013

George Hutchins Posts!!!!!

Well, not here but on this blog:

Here is what Herr Hutchins had to whine about posts we made there....

Both of you are ridiculous, and can find nothing better to do, except put this nonsense up. What are your real names? You would NOT be so brave if NOT hiding behind a computer screen.

I think I will have to add a RINO WATCH to our campaign site, in addition to, our version of AMERICAN LOONS. 


This is all complete Slander, just publish what I wrote on this subject recently, please, or take this whole page down !!!.

These other unfounded idiots, would NOT be so brave if NOT hiding behind a computer screen, to include the False Slander of the Stupid Bitch named: Zann Bunn.

Sorry George....pointing out your nazi connections with Neo-Nazi Michael Blevins is not slander.  Pointing out you held a Hitler birthday party is not slander.  Pointing out you have a miltia type oganization called the NIM Army which uses nazi symbolism is not slander.  Pointing out you are wrong about the Iran Hostage Crises is not slander.  Posting info how the North Carolina Republican party wants nothing to do with you is not slander.  Posting about your crazy pro nazi articals you published that are full of lies is not slander.

All these things are the truth George.  Suck it up and put on your big boy pants baby.  We're gonna publish a lot more truth about you.  Free speech baby!

Oh, and if anyone can tell us who Zann Bunn is and why George thinks she is a "stupid bitch" we'd appreciate that.

And finally....feel free to post here George!

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