Tuesday, 18 June 2013

George Hutchins Wrong About Iranian Crisis

George Hutchins worships Reagan.  On his blog he says the reason the Iranians released the hostages in 1981 was Reagan threatened war.

George Hutchins is wrong.  The reason the Iranians released the hostages is because Carter released 3 billion of frozen assets to the Iranians.  It was called the Algiers Accords.

Read about it here, not the crap Hutchins makes up.


Besides if Reagan was so tough why did he.....

-illegally sell weapons to Iran with which to kill Americans in exchange for hostages
-turn tail and flee from Lebanon the minute things got difficult there - emboldening Hezbollah and leading to a great many more hostage situations

George Hutchins....doesn't understand the past, not the right person for the future.

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