Friday, 12 July 2013

George Hutchins and the Neo-Nazi NPD.

Two times George Hutchins has travelled to Germany to meet with the NPD.

Who is the NPD?

The NPD, National Democratic Party of German (German: Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands – Die Volksunion, NPD) is a far right German political party.   They were founded in 1964 as the successor to the German Reich Party.

So What?

The party is usually described as a neo-nazi party and in fact the most significant one to emerge since 1945.

NPD Neo-Nazi Link #1
NPD Neo-Nazi Link #2
NPD Neo-Nazi Link #3

You can read more about the Neo Nazi NPD by simply googling them.  There is a great article on wikipedia which can be found here.

Back to George Hutchins

George is proud of his connection to these Neo Nazis from Germany.  On his website George states the following:

Link to above statement

The Republican Party is right to ban George Hutchins since he is proud to meet with neo-nazis on multiple occasions.

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