Thursday, 18 July 2013

Racist George Hutchins Video

Here is a screen shot of a video published by the National Independents Movement, George Hutchins Neo-Nazi group.  The video was made by a Ronald Anders.  George and Ronald are having a dispute and are no longer buds but when published they were allies in a nazi movement.

You can see the poor quality video here.

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  1. And he thinks he can elected with this shit?

    Fuck Hutchins is dumb!

  2. I am Ronald Anders, who made the video mentioned above. No, NIM was not a Nazi movement but yes George and I are no longer buds. Yes, George is a nut case. After all these years of NIM and his Congressional campaigns he has no buds but himself.

  3. Back again. George has announced on his website that he will not run for office again until 2016. I know from first hand sources, namely the person who moved into his former apartment, that George was told to move due to his alcohol abuse. I have not seen his car, plastered with campaign stickers, in many months. Rumor has it that he has moved to Montana, perhaps to stay with his father who lives there.