Monday, 8 July 2013

Another Website Slams George Hutchins!

Got a good chuckle from this one.  Like where she points out George likes a good hot Roman bath but isn't gay.  Or how she states George is proud to be a racist.  I loved some of the comments posted to her blog about Herr Hutchins.

  • On behalf of the entire State of North Carolina, I apologize for this clown.
  • Anyway, I’mmmm kinda wonderin’ about George. Top of the page. So he spent 4 years in the army…and decided he liked being alone with men so much that he went back in 1996 to find out what the marines were like? And all the splashy color? Maybe I’M stereotyping, but gay friends of mine have been some of the most colorful people on the planet…Sometimes when you have all those feelings buried…you explode in a morass of confusion. Its OK George…We won’t judge you. Just let it out. It’s OK to cry, George. That’s it, just let it ALL out…There there. But you should have started with the NAVY, George! Its the ships. The gentle swaying….
  • I also wonder, as a “Reagan Republican,” what he feels about Ronald Reagan’s 1978 opposition to a ban on GAY MALE HOMOSEXUAL TEACHERS in California?
 Oh George...the world laughs at you!

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