Friday, 5 July 2013

George Hutchins Interview

See George Hutchins put in his place by Adam Kokesh.

You can view it directly on Youtube.  Title of the video is "George Hutchins is running for Congress ... seriously."

Read some of the comments by Youtube viewers.  Examples include:

  • Didi any of you actually go to his website. I had to turn off my computer monitor because I got so dizzy. He obviously used a chimpanzee to design that page...
  • Wow. This Hutchins clown belongs on r/cringe. His website is hilariously bad.
  • This guy is a fuck tared go Adam
  • what a fuckin loser. adam your my hero
  • I just went to his website and got a headache almost instantly. It was like a time machine back to 1995. I am still laughing
  • Seems like a nice enough guy but he just isn't overly knowedgeable
  • Boy, Adam, this guy was dancing like hell around some of your questions. Bottom line is he couldn't competently answer them
  •  Who let Cliff out of the bar? Someone call Norm to take him back to Cheers..
Not a positive comment to be found, except one posted by George himself.  Everyone is laughing at Hutchins!
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