Tuesday, 16 July 2013

More Accusations About George Hutchins Being A Nazi

George belongs to a group called Triangle Conservatives Unite.  It is a group of republicans and conservatives from the Raleigh NC area.

On their messageboard can be found a number of posts against George Hutchins.  Here is one that was directed against him.

So this election is about a belief in morality, is it? Tell me, George. Where do you stand on the morality of Adolf Hitler? And where have you stood on his morality in the past, such as the time when you and Michael Blevins held a birthday celebration for him culminating in his call to the Roanoke, VA police claiming you were trying to kill him?

I'm tired of dancing around it, George. If you don't withdraw your candidacy, I might have to demonstrate my (and my connections') love for free speech by freeing your past speech for the local media and internet community. You think it's hard getting a job now, even as a bilingual MPA veteran, but you haven't seen anything until your face has been plastered all over WRAL and News14 Carolina with "GOP Primary Candidate Outed as Neo-Nazi" under it. Conservatives here already have a hard enough time without people like you associating our legitimate cause with your white supremacist junk. You may have purged your site and the N.I.M. website of all your pro-Hitler essays, but the internet is a beautiful thing in that it has a very long and cached memory. You're not a conservative. You're not a moralist. You're a sick, racist, fascist.

You can read it all here.


Looks like a number of people are aware of George's Neo Nazi connections.

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