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Republican Party Wants Nothing To Do With George Hutchins

I am not a Republican.  But, I don't want to smear the Republican Party and make it seem like they support Hutchins.  Here is a letter that was sent to Hutchins when he was running by the party itself:
Dear Mr. Hutchins,

We live in a great country and I have never known a day that I didn’t feel blessed to live in our nation and proud to be an American.  I am also proud to be a Republican because I believe our message and our common values is America’s best hope to secure a future that is prosperous and free for all our people.

I am an active and vocal opponent of many of the policies of our President and Democrat Leadership in Congress.  I am proud of that too.

As Chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party I was not proud, nor edified, by the contents of your campaign website.  Frankly, I find certain elements – in particular the direct comparison of President Obama and his family to Sanford and Son and other similar representations to be reprehensible and far outside the spirit and meaning of Republican values.  Let me be clear, you may hold your own opinions and state them freely.  That is your right as an American.  But displaying the North Carolina Republican Party Seal on your web-page is not your right.  It does not belong to you and, in my opinion as Chairman, I do not want our party associated with some of your views.  Please immediately remove our seal from your site and any campaign materials. As State Party Chairman I generally avoid getting involved in primaries.  But if you file for an elective office as a Republican, I will make an exception in your case.

Thomas Fetzer
Chairman, North Carolina Republican Executive Committee

Hutchins up until this point had pictures of Obama with watermelons and as a Chimp.  Mr Fetzer was correct in demanding Hutchins stop connecting himself with the Republican party.

Also, the Fourth District GOP Executive Committee sent out a press release on Hutchins.  Here it is:
Fourth District GOP Executive Committee States Position on Candidate
George Hutchins

RALEIGH, N.C. – October 2, 2009 – The Fourth Congressional District Executive Committee of the North Carolina Republican Party is stating its official position on George Hutchins, who has filed paperwork to be a Republican candidate for the Fourth District in the 2010 election.

“Our committee does not approve, endorse or support George Hutchins or his views in any way,” said Zan Bunn, chair of the Fourth District Executive Committee. “We condemn his inflammatory statements, finding them extremely offensive and inappropriate. Mr. Hutchins does not represent the values of the North Carolina Republican Party. Our committee unanimously urges him not to seek the Republican nomination in the Fourth District.”

The members of the Fourth District GOP Executive Committee are dedicated to electing a qualified Republican to the U.S. House of Representatives from Wake, Durham, Orange, and Chatham counties.

Here are link to both documents provided here:

Hutchins must continue to be exposed for the loon, racist and anti-american he is.  Republicans don't want Hutchins, Democrates don't and America doesn't as viewed by his dismal results in to 2010 primary (more to follow on that).

Hutchins has about a zero chance of getting elected but racists like him need to be exposed.

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