Thursday, 27 October 2011

National Independents Movement

As we further document George Hutchins activities and beliefs lets begin with the National Independents Movement (NIM).

NIM is an organization Hutchins co-founded.  It is pro nazi Germany as can be seen by the many articles on its site.  NIM under Hutchins also co-promoted an Adolph Hitler birthday party years back in co-operaton with the National Socialist Movement (NSM), an American Nazi movement.

Articles on the NIM site include:

  • 1941. The German Invasion of Communist Russia was justified by the treatment Germans in Russia received before World War Two.
  • INJUSTICE AT NUREMBERG, DURING NOVEMBER 20, 1945 - OCTOBER 1, 1946. More than 55 years following World War Two, many feel that the Nuremberg War Crime Trial Sentences wrongfully sentenced German Leaders to Death and long terms in Prison.
  • END WORLD WAR TWO PAYMENTS FOR GERMANY, BRITIAN, AND THE U.S Since the close of World War Two, Germany, Britian, and the United States have had to pay millions of dollars in damages each year. These payments must halt. If these payments are to continue, these payments for World War Two should be paid by Japan and Israel.
Hutchins claims in his articles that the invasion of Russia was justifies, trials of Nazi leaders was wrong and that Israel should pay for WWII and that the murder of millions of Jews never happened.

Links to these articles can be found below.  However, should Hutchins take them down to cover his tracks they will be posted here along with links to Web Archival services that document his pro nazi sympathies.

NIM site documenting Hutchins is a "Crown Officer" of NIM and is their candidate for Congress.

NIM site listing articles with a pro-nazi slant

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