Monday, 21 October 2013

George Hutchins is a Big Baby

George Hutchins wants to repeal the 1964.

On hs website he states:

"Each U.S. Business Owner, and Each Property Owner, should be able to, under all U.S. Laws, decided who to rent to, who to sell to, and who to do business with, based on any reason, each property-business owner sees as reasonable, during each legal business transaction."

So in  other words George says that people should be free to associate or not associate as they see fit even if it is racism.

Now, remember that the North Carolina GOP has decided not to associate with George to the point of not inviting him to GOP events because, to put it politely, George is a nut case.

So what does George do when he is treated just like he wants to treat others?  He cries censorship and it's unfair.   Waaaaaaaaaa!!!!!  Following text is from his webpage.

The May 8, 2012 Republican Primary, for the FAMED 4th U.S. Congress District, of North Carolina, just like the May 4, 2010 Republican Primary, was decided due to Total UNETHICAL CENSORSHIP-BANNING, as conducted by, the DISGRACES of the Past '2009 - 2012' RINO Fake Republican Leadership of the NCGOP, North Carolina Republican Party.

George Hutchins is a baby that can dish it our but cannot take it.

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